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We won’t push you into anything. Compare our proposals freely with competitors; we encourage it. We get it – we’re a family too, navigating the same decisions. What we promise is our utmost effort, devoted to delivering honest quality to your trees and to you, always.

We do our best to tailor payment to what’s most convenient for you! 

We appreciate the trust in us to design a landscape that checks off every box, but our current position does not allow us to provide every step with the quality necessary to provide the best experience for the results you want and need – but we can connect you with the right people! Let us know what your ideas are so we can share the right person for the job.

Text or call (714)-444-2160 anytime, shoot an email to fran@yourarkadia.com with your details, or hit the “book consultation” button for a follow-up from Francisco.

The bill varies based on species, location, density, and the job’s scope. Let’s have a heart-to-heart during a consultation to answer all your questions!

Yes, and we carry strong insurance for the safety of our team and you. 

Lead times depend on size, location, scope, and safety measures. Pinning down the timeline comes after a face-to-face inspection.

It’s a process, prioritizing health first. Aesthetics depends on existing conditions, your vision and goals, but we advise including aesthetics only after we’ve helped your trees wellness. 

Absolutely! Our toolbox is packed with all the necessary gadgets and gizmos, ready to tackle any tree job.

You matter to us and we understand the hesitation, we’ve experienced it, we’re human too. All obstacles are addressed promptly with the appropriate attention and lead time.

You bet! We tidy up all neighboring properties, carting away the green waste for happy relationships.

Yes, we plant trees! Avoid the unnecessary costs and headaches by planting the right tree for the right spot with experts who approach the task holistically.

Safety matters. We carry strong insurance to ensure the safety of our team and you.

Tree removal & Stump grinding

All trees are topped and removed in stages with use of directional roping techniques for particular branches if necessary e.g. large branches over neighboring properties

Definitely! Trees and stumps and tight spaces can be removed/grinded with the appropriate techniques. 

We grind the main ball of the stump but will return at no cost without hassles if regrowth occurs

YES! Speaking with an expert at this time is essential to plant the right tree for the right spot and avoid long term headaches and unnecessary costs. 

We would appreciate that all above ground objects are relocated outside the drop zone.

All the mulch is hauled at no additional expense or may be laid across flowerbeds if requested.

We  clean up all neighboring property’s and haul all green/general waste to maintain happy relationships.

Tree planting

Consider the trees requirements for healthy growth, climate, soil type, available space, and desired aesthetic to ensure a suitable match.

Yes, consult local nurseries or experts for advice on native or well-adapted tree species.

Water consistently, mulch to retain moisture, and protect from extreme weather conditions during the initial years.

Select trees that fit your space, prune strategically, and consider the long-term growth potential of the chosen species.

Yes please! Fertilize sparingly, if at all, during the first year. Focus on proper watering and soil health.

If you want problems, yes, otherwise please consider the mature size of the tree and potential for root damage. Generally, plant larger trees farther away from structures.

Discolored leaves, stunted growth, or wilting (dropping) may indicate issues.

Transplanting can be challenging but is possible with careful planning.

Pruning, thinning, and trimming

  • Pruning: Removing branches for health, shape, or growth control.
  • Thinning: Removing branches to boost air circulation and reduce density.
  • Trimming: Cutting back outer edges to shape or control size.

Pruning timing can vary based on the type of tree. In general, late winter or early spring is a good time before the new growth begins.

The amount of pruning depends on the type of tree. As a general rule, avoid removing more than 25% of the foliage at one time to prevent stress.

Regular trimming is essential for maintaining the shape of hedges. The frequency varies on the plant type and your goals.

Yes, excessive pruning can stress plants and negatively impact their health. It’s important to follow proper pruning techniques and not remove more than is necessary.

If your tree is too dense, has no clear view into its interior, has overextending branches, suffers from imbalances from leaning branches, expressing abnormal signs, then it’s time help the tree.

Thinning is often done during the dormant season, but it can be performed throughout the year. Avoid thinning during periods of active growth to minimize stress.

To crack the code of those abnormal signs, we’ll play detective during an in-person inspection, identifying the species and primary agents at play.

We understand. For the best advice, let’s meet and greet your trees in person. An inspection helps us plan the ultimate strategy to get those trees under control!

Shape it. Reducing branches to appropriate lengths will provide clearance and encourage growth in the right direction without hurting the trees. 

You bet! We tidy up all neighboring properties, whisking away the green waste for happy relationships.

Possible culprits include over/underwatering, funky pruning, or a not-so-great environment. Let’s chat in person for the full scoop.

Absolutely! Once we confirm your tree’s capacity, we’ll shape it to serve any function without compromising its health.

Crown Size Management

Trimming and shaping a tree’s upper branches—basically giving your tree a stylish haircut to keep it looking great and under control!

Managing crown size is like giving your tree a strength workout, preventing branch faiure and making sure it maintains that balanced, red-carpet appearance.

Not too often, but every 2-3 years is the perfect interval.

Proper crown size management is like rolling out the red carpet for your tree. It lets the sunlight in, reduces wind resistance, and keeps diseases away. 

Absolutely! Thinning, selective pruning, and shaping are like the tree’s version of a makeover. It’s the secret recipe for making your tree turn heads.

Totally! It’s like a wellness retreat for your tree—better air circulation, less stress on branches, and that glow-up with new growth. 

Consider the tree’s age, species, and health. It’s like checking the style trends before getting a haircut.

Absolutely! Each tree has its unique needs—like different fashion styles for different personalities.

Yes! Excessive pruning stresses a tree out. Stick to the proven style guide, and your tree (and your wallet) will thank you for it!

Late winter to early spring is prime time before the tree’s big growing season. But hey, depending on the tree, a makeover can happen whenever it feels right.

Look for signs like overhanging branches, overcrowding the space, deadwood, or if your tree is having a bad hair day with a misshapen appearance.

Sure thing! Some trees prefer a little thinning or raising—different strokes for different oaks!

Not at all! Mature trees deserve some love too. It’s like anti-aging skincare for your tree—tailor the approach based on its current health and style. 

Privacy Maintenance

Generally, an annual pruning is the hot tip to keep them mingling and looking sharp.

Picture this: late winter or early spring! It’s like giving your green buddies a fresh start without the stress.

You’re the star of the show, but our green thumbs offer the VIP treatment. They bring the royal touch without putting your leafy friends in jeopardy.

Regular pruning is like kicking out the uninvited guests! It removes pest hiding spots, creating a healthy hangout and lowering the risk of party crashers.

Imbalances & overgrowth! Regular pruning is the script for a healthy and effective privacy barrier.

Pruning is the peacemaker! It controls growth, keeping the peace with the neighbors while maintaining that private vibe. 

Proper pruning is like a health boost—structural integrity, disease defense, and an overall longer life for your trees.

Oh, it’s an art! Our experts use a combo of thinning, shaping, and careful pruning.

Fruit tree care

Water your tree like it’s a thirsty friend—deeply, once a week. Adjust the water dance based on weather vibes and soil feels.

Spring’s the party time! Fertilize before the tree’s growth bash. Balanced fertilizer, follow the package beats—it’s that simple.

Late winter or early spring is your tree’s spa day. Trim away the drama—dead branches and a shape-up dance. Annual glam session, repeat!

Mix & match your fruit trees? Totally doable! Just check who can get along with who, and mind the personal space.

YES! Let your fruit breathe! Thinning in late spring ensures a crowd-free zone for your growing stars.

Go green! Organic fertilizer, neem oil pest dance-off, and compost for the soil.

Yellow leaves, stunted growth, or pests infestations. Adjust water, fix the soil scene, and show pests the exit.

Little trees need help too. Stake ’em up for support, flexible ties, and regular check-ins to avoid girdling.

Tree training

Think of it as tree VIP treatment! Training ensures they grow up fancy, stay the right size, and live their best tree lives.

Get this party started early! The younger, the better – we’re talking tree toddlerhood.

Nope, our trained trees are the cool kids. They keep their roots in check.

It’s like tree fashion advice – we guide them on how to look good in any environment.

Picture this: your tree strutting its natural style, looking fabulous and growing strong!

Training gives them the muscle to face any weather drama.

It’s all about that balanced glow-up for a healthier and happier tree.

You bet! Training is like a VIP pass to a longer life!

Oh yeah! Investing in their training now saves you from spending big on tree problems later.

It’s fashionably never too late! Even mature trees can pick up some cool training tricks.

Keep the party going! While they grow up, a little ongoing training keeps the good vibes flowing.

While some moves are universal, each tree has its own groove.

Training methods work in any climate – trees love a good challenge.

Watch for unusual signs – if they’re not strutting their usual charm, it might be time for a retraining makeover.

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